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Light of Hope Episode 2 will be even more amazing than Episode 1.

But to do it right, we need your help!

Every dollar you donate will go toward the budget of Episode 2, so please donate today.

Robot Underdog is a small team of creatives who live and breathe to make anime, sci-fi, action, superhero and video game-inspired live-action videos, jam-packed with stunning VFX and movie-like cinematography.
We hope to one day make this our full-time job, but until then, we work every evening and weekend developing, shooting, and editing videos so that you (The Fans!) can watch them for free.  Every donation we receive goes 100% towards making more content for you!

If you’d like to see more episodes of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope and other awesome videos – use the donate button. :)

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We also accept bitcoin. Scan the QR code with your phone or tablet to donate with bitcoin, or send your bitcoins to the address block below.
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Bitcoin Address: 1GXQsveQ5sTTjjSWjJLwbts9bTyQs5B1rv
You can also send bitcoin to us on Twitter @RobotUnderdog, through YouTube at @RobotUnderdog2, on Reddit @robotunderdog2, and Google Plus @RobotUnderdog2.
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